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This simply hasn't been the case for many years. More recent revisions of Bluetooth have made big strides in upping transfer rates and connectivity - both of which result in higher quality audio. You only need to look at the domination of bluetooth speakers/headphones/headsets on the market to see this. There are hundreds upon hundreds of reviews that compare equivalent wired vs wireless headphones, and the differences are slim.
I'm not going to get in to an argument about audiophile-level qualities - this isn't the space for it; but for music, being listened to in a sports car, with all the engine and road noise that entails, I don't think this quality difference is as significant as you're making it out to be. Especially if people are running on stock speakers.

As I'm in the JDM, I don't know what features your USDM stock head units have by default, but Wireless Android Auto and Wireless Carplay are technologies that exist. Whether they're present in your cars is another thing. Certainly in some/many cases the wireless functionality can be retrofitted with a USB device that plugs in to the rear of the head unit. My JDM car didn't come with a head unit, so I installed an Android system which has both wired and wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
As for charging, you can still do that via the USB ports found in the center console when needed, and at the very least it means you don't have the clutter of a cable dangling out from the head unit to the phone.
Agree on bluetooth. Depends on quality of the service and bit rates for streaming. Can be pretty damn good.
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