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Any Europe updates?

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I've been searching everywhere and I can't find any info regarding GR86's launch date in Spain (or any European country, should be similar).

Does anyone have any updates at all? Toyota only changed their website and introduced the car briefly, but no release date, price or anything like it.

Cheers! Can't wait to get mine!
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Hope they do that for Belgium as well, anyone on here that has received the letter? So I can pressure my dealer to do the same. When I asked about it at delivery they offered me to install it for 3-500€ (can't recall) which I refused.
received my letter for the Belgium recall yesterday hi hope you got yours aswell.
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When was your gr86 Order and delivery?
Without rear bumber sensors?
When did they Add Them?
Because I want meine without These things :D
I've order my in the beginning of march 2022 and received it in november 2022. but i have all my sensors .So the recall i've gotten is for the DCM aka the SOS button that was not properly installed and or activated .
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