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Any Europe updates?

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I've been searching everywhere and I can't find any info regarding GR86's launch date in Spain (or any European country, should be similar).

Does anyone have any updates at all? Toyota only changed their website and introduced the car briefly, but no release date, price or anything like it.

Cheers! Can't wait to get mine!
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Maybe for German members and neighboring country's who want to buy here:
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just called one of these guys. they got nothing. told me "final price between 30-40k" yea ok thanks...
However they did mention the car seems to be in fairly high demand compared to the GT86.

I also called the largest dealer here in the Hamburg area as well, they got nothing either. told me they have some other car in their system for which they will receive info in the upcoming weeks, followed my GR86 in April/May, supposedly.

so we wait.
i was gonna replace both my cars with the GR86 asap, but at this point, since there likely won't be any cars available until end of the year, i might as well wait and see what the new Type-R brings to the table... wouldn't be surprised if we get info from Honda before Toyota finally provides GR86 info here in Germany 😅

German Toyota website has been showing "GR86 coming soon" for almost a year now.
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German Konfigurator is online.
base 33k, premium 36k
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I completed my order on a Saphire Blue pearl MT premium trim :). Dealer said that delivery is probably around september.
Even though there are configuration options on their web page, there was no such thing in the order process besides color and model base.
I also ordered a Sapphire blue Premium MT incl duckbill spoiler. I also got a link to MyToyota but on there the car is red and not blue. My dealer order says color code "DCK AM20" - Dunkelblau (dark blue). Does yours show up as blue on the website/MyToyota?

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Hi guys,
Does the base model get rear parking sensors in Germany?
nope, which is why I went with the premium.

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it says so on the website under "standard equipment" for the premium model. I hope I'm not missing anything. 🤷🏼‍♂️

man this forums is horrible on mobile. 😅


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Here we go again..
The color codes in the ordering system are wrong or very misleading.
My order had to be cancelled and is now put in again.
Hope it works this time. 😅
called my dealer, he confirmed that something is wrong with two of the color codes (sapphire and dunno which else). supposedly mine has been fixed. still shows red but it probably takes some time until the website is updated.

other than that he mentioned that he expects order books for all 200 cars in 2022 to be closed today.
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i currently have two cars (C5Z06 weekend car and Fiesta ST daily) and don't really "need" either one since i moved to the city a few weeks ago for a new job. and I also don't have the space for two cars anymore either. so the GR86 is a great compromise. fun when i went it to be but still usable enough for random errands. the fiesta I'll try to sell privately or just trade it in. the problem is going to be selling the Corvette in this market... we'll see how that turns out.

also I'm in my 30s, single, no kids, no ex wife's, i don't smoke, don't go party a lot... what else am I going to spend my money on. even if i sell my cars etc i still wouldn't be able to afford a decent house. so fuck it.
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went to my dealer in Germany today, my car still isn't in production yet (manual premium, sapphire blue). i ordered the first day they were available on march 09. he said so far 3 of 10 cars he ordered have a delivery date, ranging from late June to early/mid july. no pattern to be seen regarding colors or pure/premium models. he'll order the duct tail and potentially the Bilstein coilovers once the car has a delivery date.
mhh i got my confirmation pretty much a day after i ordered or so. it's been saying "order being processed" ever since.
i also show transmission/engine info.

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three months today, still no info :sleep:
not much they can do about it.
could be worse, could be those 80s wipers instead.
Well this would be incredibly annoying. Next communication from the dealer will be interesting and possibly deeply disappointing.
i got a screenshot from my dealer of an email saying exactly that. cars are delayed due to a "quality issue" (whatever that means) with no quick fix available at this point.
just to lighten the mood a bit, I'd like to point out that we've reached page #69 of this thread.

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kidnapped by toyota for the one true "GR experience".
new CTR is going to be the same shit experience. just like any other performance / high demand car these days.
it's been four months now since i ordered the car, still "order processing" on myT and no ETA info etc on the secret stats page. oh well.
I would bet on this. That's why they seem so clueless.
new regulations from German TÜV regarding assisted driving stuff (active emergency brake etc) went into action on July 6, 2022 for all newly planned cars, and all cars have to be fitted with such systems as of July 6, 2024. maybe that's the holdup. especially since we already know the car can't be sold here after 2024 because of these systems (as well as new emissions regulations).

source: Fahrassistenzsysteme - Pflicht ab 2022 | TÜV NORD
But I think that is just relevant for new car MODELS, and the gr86 is already known.
Not if Toyota forgot to finalize everything with the authorities before July 06, 2022 ;)
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