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All-Weather cargo tray mat shipping abroad

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Hi everyone!

I live abroad so I would to like to order an All-Weather cargo tray mat (PT9081822002) for GR86 and ship it abroad

The only problem is that shipping company allow packages up to 1 meter on one side (that's about 40 inches) and up to 1 meter and 50 cm sum on every side (that's 59 inches)

That said do you think that it possible to roll up the mat horizontally and vertically so that it could become smaller and may fit in the box?

Is the rubber flexible enough? And will scars be left after that on the mat if it stays in that condition for 2-3 weeks?

And do you know approximate mat's size? On amazon it says that Package Dimensions are 32 x 6 x 6 inches. But does it come in the box or already rolled up?

Mat on Amazon
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I believe it is rolled up in the box. It is flexible. In my opinion the Toyota GR86 all weather cargo mat and floor liners are excellent. I put stuff in the trunk and the liner has a nice natural grip. It is more more rubber like than plastic.
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