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Well, just ordered these TC4's for my GR86. Pretty sure these lugs will work, but want to confirm. Since offset is +50, and I think factory is +48, they'll be slightly more sunk into the wheel well, correct? What size spacers would you guys recommend to get closer to flush? I wanted to keep factory specs (apart from offset) because I like the handling characteristics as they stand now. With that, I could only find these in +50.
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Looks like it will be an awesome setup, be a little cautios with those aluminum lug nuts, they tend to be on the softer side and are known to bend and even break sometimes (ask me how i know...) Just make sure you aren't using an impact gun on them and double check they are torqued often.

Side note to you having to order those wheels, a month and half is almost laughable. Wheels not in stock that are ordered from Japan are typically 8-12 months if you're lucky, unless the guys at Advan are wizards and can turn out wheels that quickly. I'd personally consider seeing if you can find something that will work that's already state side.
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