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A bit of a flashback to the launch of the 2012 BRZ from engineers that designed the platform and engine

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I had actually missed this, as I was so focussed on the Toyota heritage stuff at the time (I got a launch 86) - what I didn't quite appreciate was that while Toyota specified the broad idea (FR 2+2 NA) and did the body design, it was Subaru engineers that designed almost every part of the platform, engine, suspension, and everything else.

So here's to you Subaru for such a great car, I look forward to the second one!

Part 1

Part 2
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I remember thinking when it first launched that Subaru only supplied the engine but once I started reading about it I quickly learned that they did most of the heavy lifting. I guess it's why Toyota really wants to make the new GR86 different from the BRZ now.
They chose different suspension spring rates last time (which made it more oversteery).

I'm not sure why they want to do much more than that (if those rumours are even true), because up till now both of these cars have had excellent reputations as twins (slight power issue aside).

Just feels very strange for toyota to take that kind of risk (delayed product launch), heck I'm not waiting around for the car if I like the BRZ - I actually have a deposit on both now just in case.
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Toyota has a history of doing this, even with the iconic 2000GT that Yamaha did entirely.
Yamaha have been engine designer for a lot of Toyota vehicles. My corolla sportivo had one of Yamahas - the 1.8l 2ZZ-GE.

Interestingly, Toyota are also Yamahas second largest owner (as Toyota is also with Subaru), and Yamaha not long a go bought Subaru's small engine business from them (small as in lawnmowers and such). So incestuous!
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