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Toyota finally revealed initial specifications for the 2022 GR86 today. Expect a complete list closer to the Sept 2021 launch.

(Japan-spec GR86)

*1 Including roof-mounted antenna. The roof height is 1,280 mm.
*2 Curb weight of 6MT

Front track[mm]1,520
Rear track[mm]1,550
Minimum ground clearance[mm]130
Curb weight*2[kg]1,270
EngineHorizontally opposed four-cylinder
Direct fuel injection and port injection system TOYOTA D-4S
Bore x stroke[mm]94.0 x 86.0
Total displacement[liters]2.387
Compression ratio12.5
DrivelineRear-wheel drive
Transmission6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission
Maximum output[kW (PS)/rpm]173(235)/7,000
Maximum torque[N・m (kgf・m)/rpm]250(25.5)/3,700
SuspensionFrontMacPherson Strut
RearDouble wishbone
BrakesFrontV disk
RearV disk
Tires (front/rear)215/40 R18
Fuel tank[liters]50
*1Including roof-mounted antenna. The roof height is 1,280 mm.
*2Curb weight of 6MT

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ok its says it in the video, 235 bhp
Yeah look it gets very confusing, and the actual US horsepower rating for these JDM specs is 232.

PS is "Metric Horsepower", which is a similar to what you might understand as horsepower, just just slightly different calculation that means its always around 1.5% higher than US hp ratings.

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What we really need to see is what the power and torque curve is like and how it compares.

View attachment 1060
They do have the power and torque curve displayed on one of the dash options. Its not particularly useful as a real gauge (its just a static imagine with an animation overlayed), but it is useful as a guide as to what the base graph looks like.

That graph above you can see they had worked on the 16'+ car and while not fixing it, had reduced the impact to be only around a 15% dip and for less time, only1250 revs. The biggest problem really is that with such little torque, this car really can't afford a any torque dip.

From what we can see in the latest car they have pretty much properly fixed it this time, there is between 100% and 95% of torque available from 3000 all the way to 7000, and not only that but the car just offers blankets of more torque.
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