Thanks to the help of @Chris Tonn being at Toyota HQ for the GR86 reveal, we now know what the color options will be for the GR86!

There will be 7 colors to choose from:
  • Track bRed
  • Trueno Blue
  • Neptune Blue (Current 86 color)
  • Halo White (Current 86 color)
  • Steel Grey (Current 86 color)
  • Pavement Grey (Current 86 color)
  • Raven Black (Current 86 color)
Some of these colors we've already seen on the GR86 and some of them we haven't yet. Fortunately a lot of these colors are existing ones for the first gen 86s.

The only interesting one is Trueno Blue and how it will differ from Neptune. Does anyone have any ideas?

Track bRed


Halo White


Neptune Blue (Current 86 color)


Steel Grey (Current 86 color)


Pavement Grey (Current 86 color)


Raven Black (Current 86 color)