These two GR 86 concepts from Toyota Racing Development (TRD) showcase what parts are in the pipeline.

'Toyota GR 86 GR Parts' is the first one, "a mild street setup that adds an aggressive front lip, side skirts, and rear bumper. Naturally, there are canards and a rear deck spoiler as well."
'Toyota GR 86 GR Parts Concept' is the track focused version.
"Here, the engineers weren't limited by street legality and claim to have increased power by customizing the intake and exhaust systems. There's also mention of weight reduction and improved body rigidity, but exactly how that was achieved was not disclosed.

It was designed for track use, and as such it sports an even more aggressive front fascia, with a large ram air inlet on the nose. The canards and lip spoiler take the look of the street car and enlarge everything for more downforce. The hood is flanked by 1.7-inch widebody fenders, and TRD says functional air outlets prevent the air taken from overflowing from under the car, helping create yet more downforce.

The 19-inch forged aluminum wheels share the same Y-spoke pattern as those of the street car, but have a much deeper cone to fill out those cavernous flared wheel wells. The cone adds out-of-plane rigidity, TRD says, which allows for a thinner cross-section to avoid unsprung mass."