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This BRZ (STi?) was spied testing at Fuji Speedway.

Maybe STI Sport? At Fuji Speedway, a fully remodeled version of the new Subaru BRZ with mysterious aero parts has been developed. What's more, the new BRZ of the GT series? !!

The developed vehicle has a left-hand steering wheel, and the spoiler part is painted black.

Subaru's fully remodeled new BRZ debuted in North America on November 18, 2020, but the development vehicle that seems to be the new BRZ with right steering wheel specifications has already been spy shot on public roads in Japan and has become a big topic. (It seems that the test run is mainly around Ota City, Gunma Prefecture).

Meanwhile, the development vehicle of the new BRZ equipped with mysterious aero parts is spy shot at Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture ( Thanks to Mr. T for providing the image ).

Apparently it is one of the vehicles that is doing promotional shooting etc., but except for the front bumper, thick camouflage wrapping is applied, and the side skirt and front end are stripped of camouflage and the body color of crystal white pearl is You can check it.

Maybe STI Sport grade?

The front headlights, the front grille with a raised corner, and the inverted L-shaped intake blade remain the same, but the most worrisome part is the black-painted spoiler on the front lower.

You can also see the side winglets that will enhance the wide feeling and aerodynamic effect, but at the moment I have not seen the BRZ equipped with this part, maybe a hardcore grade STI Sport? There is also the possibility of.

As far as the single-spoke aluminum wheels at your feet and the trunk of the rear wingless are seen, is it a custom model that simply has aero parts installed? It seems that it is possible.

Rendered images of the new BRZ STI have already been released overseas! And will the new BRZ with Super GT specifications also appear at Fuji Speedway? !!

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I don't think we'll see an STI for a long time. tS seems MUCH more likely.

Although to be honest I'm surprised to see anything like this already. I suspect it would be a year after the BRZ launches that they start talking about a high performance model.
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