Check out this review of the automatic transmission equipped BRZ if you're still on the fence about owning one.
"As for utility, the BRZ is still lacking. Your friends might hate you for putting them in the backseat. The trunk can swallow a week’s worth of groceries for two, but not much more. Its advantages over the Miata remain, as the existence of a rear seat gives you the option of tossing more cargo back there. Plus, in an emergency, you could theoretically move yourself and three others from one place to another, however uncomfortably. That said, the BRZ, no matter the transmission, is not going to be an easy one-car solution for most.

Subaru did right by this next-gen BRZ from nearly every aspect, but it’s leaving lots of potential on the table by not developing a high-performance automatic transmission to complement the six-speed manual. Other affordable sports cars or hot hatches offer far snappier automatics to choose from, so it’s easy to pass on the automatic BRZ. Even with the obvious improvements made for the 2022 car, anybody searching for driving joy without a third pedal will likely find a better time in a different car at this price point — $30,555 as tested, to be exact. And it may go without saying, but after trying the automatic, we’re now doubly sure that the manual BRZ would be the one to find a spot in our garage."