Thanks to this improvement, the new BRZ & 86 should feel much faster!

"BRZ Torque Dip - Gen 1 vs Gen 2

The 2022 BRZ's 2.4L FA24D nearly eliminates the infamous torque dip producing over 40 lb-ft more torque throughout the dip than the old 2.0L.

The new FA24's torque dip is only 5 lb-ft compared to the 15 lb-ft dip in the old FA20. The FA24's torque dip is also through a narrower RPM range than the FA20.

The FA24 makes 30+ lb-ft more than the FA20 throughout the mid-range (from ~3,000-6,500 RPM). This will provide a very noticeable improvement in daily driving acceleration making it feel like a much faster car."