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  1. 2022+ Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Wrapped my 2022 BRZ with Inozetek x ASSC Rosewater Pink Including the new Seibon hood! I LOVE IT!
  2. Exterior
    Hey guys, I recently got a GR86 and was looking into vinyl wrapping it. I've never wrapped any previous cars of mine and none of my buddies have done it either. Just curious if anyone here has done it, if so, would you recommend it/do it again? What are YOUR pros/cons?
  3. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Not sure if it matters, but I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. Hope I help out those who want an Initial D inspired look, but pay homage to the cars natural shape.
1-3 of 3 Results