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  1. 2022+ Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    If anyone’s curious, I slapped together some makeshift exhaust silencers with pool noodles and rags to stuff in the exhaust. Dropped the overall noise by half, I’m sure my neighbors are happier when I leave in the morning now
  2. Performance, Modifications & Tuning
    This can serve as my intro post since I’ve never actually made one, and also an exciting post to show off the gains I had from a dyno tune from Delicious Tuning. Big thanks to them for making this super easy and doing a great job 👍 All I have installed are the JDL UEL headers (titanium coat if...
  3. Performance, Modifications & Tuning
    Been trying to install the JDL UEL headers, but the supplied bolts to connect to the front pipe (over pipe?) Don’t fit. Any recommendations besides hitting the store for smaller ones? looking at the ones on the stock header, they are slightly larger, by about a mm. Could I drill out the...
  4. Performance, Modifications & Tuning
    Hey all, been searching through the thread but haven’t been able to find an answer on it. Does the type of thermal coating on headers make a significant difference? Or is it preference? I’m particularly looking at JDL’s UEL headers, and they have 4 coating options all at the same price...
  5. Performance, Modifications & Tuning
    While the previous generation headers fit, I hear the piping size isn't technically correct and the FA24 can handler larger. I really want to unlock the boxer rumble on my car but wonder if it's really worth it to wait for FA24-specific headers (esp. if I’m going catted UEL)? If so, does anyone...
1-5 of 5 Results