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  1. 2022+ Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, just wanted to see if this is something normal or not. Transmission almost seems a bit noisier than it should be. Whenever I initially engage the clutch there's a noise that I can only describe as the sound of something spinning, but it's loosing a wobbling while it spins. It's an...
  2. Performance, Modifications & Tuning
    Hi gr86 community, I got my car around 2 weeks ago and it has 1.1k miles on it already. I've bought some Motul Gear 300 oil but not sure if I should go ahead and flush the transmission + rear diff fluid right now. I called a local shop the other day asking them to do it for me, but they warned...
  3. Issues, Warranty, TSBs & Recalls
    Hey everyone, been dailying the GR86 for about two weeks now and have put almost 600 miles on the odometer. Everything has been fine with the exception of a minor, possibly major problem. Every now and then when I downshift in any gear, a strange rattle, or metallic clanking can be heard coming...
1-3 of 3 Results