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  1. 2022+ Toyota GR86 Pictures
    I’ve seen a couple images of this wing and haven’t been able to find it on any stores but eBay. None of the eBay stores have reviews, just wanted to see if anyone has bought one and if so where . Thank you
  2. Exterior
    Hi everyone, First time post :) I live in Australia and have a 23 BRZ on order in WR Blue, I'm a big fan of the duckbill spoiler for the GR86 and am hoping to order one for my BRZ (paint matched). The only issue is Suma doesn't seem to deliver to Aus and delivery with IIR is $340+ (more than...
  3. Other Vehicles
    I want to install the OEM wing from the 2017 86 860 Special Edition o to my 2017 86 Base model. The Toyota dealership says they won't do it because they don't know if it is compatible. I thought the body of both models is the same? It should be fine, right?
  4. How-to
    Hi guys. I visited my Toyota parts department to get some info on the OEM wing.These part numbers are NOT just the duckbill, but the upper trunk lid as well. They are for all 7 colors in the lineup and seem to be subaru colors. I attatched a PDF for the removal, disasembly, reassembly and...
  5. 2022+ Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    I need more exterior styling modifications for the BRZ. Really want a trunk lid spoiler. More of a little lip preferably carbon fiber. Are there any options out there already? Also open to suggestions on some that aren’t that exact styling.
1-5 of 5 Results