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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello All! My name is Mark and I live in Minneapolis. I just purchased a GR86 Premium as I was looking for vehicles to replace my old manual. I wouldn't say I'm an expert car enthusiast by any means, but I do like having fun on the road, and I can't live without driving a manual! Looking...
  2. 2022+ Toyota GR86 News
    Hi all! My name is Jose, from the Canary Islands (Spain). I made a reservation of a new pavement grey GR86 with "Sport" trim which is similar to Premium European model for 38.932€. As a summary upgrades the base model with: 18"wheels, leather heated seats, parking support and aluminum pedals...
  3. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, Currently looking at getting the GR86 in the uk. I love the pavement grey I’ve seen the states get. In the uk brochure it calls the grey ‘manganite grey’ which is the BRZ grey. I am unable to tell due to lighting differences in photos, but does anyone know if they’re the same colour?
  4. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    I just lowered my Pavement Grey 86 with a set of Ohlins Coilovers. The next step is to get new wheels for it, but I am running into a wall on what color to go with. Some options I have so far are: Bronze White Gloss Black Gold Finding pictures of Dark Grey cars with aftermarket wheels is...
  5. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Lady was distracted and ran straight into me. She is trying to blame it on me as well... Filled a claim with her insurance company and they remotely quoted ~$1,500 for repairs after I sent in photos and videos. Best part so far is that the quote states that I can pick the repair shop. Any...
  6. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    I think one of those two colors will be my final choice. I just love grey cars with black details! Do any of you guys have any rendering/real pictures of those colors in the car? Hopefully we'll get pictures or videos of a model in one of these colors. Cheers.
1-6 of 7 Results