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  1. Australia & New Zealand
    Hey guys, My car should be coming in the next 2-3 months so I'm starting to put together my mod list. In regards to us being in Australia, what exhausts do you guys have installed? I was interested in the AWE Touring, however, it seems it will cost A LOT to get shipped here. I talked to import...
  2. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone! So I'm going to be getting a premium manual 86 here in a few days and I already know that I want to change the exhaust on it. I've narrowed it down to either the Invidia N1 or the N2, but can't exactly get a good read on tone differences. I know the N1 is louder than the N2 and that...
  3. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Can anyone recommend me an exhaust for my 2022 brz? Im looking for something that really screams in the higher rpm's with not too much rasp and not too obnoxious when cruising.
  4. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone here done an exhaust upgrade? If so, what did you go with? I've been looking around and found this one that's originally intended for the previous gen, but according to some youtubers it fits fine on the GR86...
  5. 2022+ Toyota GR86 Videos
    Hello! I was wondering if someone with access to GR86 or BRZ can film a quick video with DB meter, revving out on the stock exhaust? I want to compare it to one of my cars :D
  6. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Hello all! So I was doing some thinking ( I don't usually think, so this is pretty advanced for me :ROFLMAO:🐒 ) but I was wondering if there is a way that Supra's Akrapovič system could maybe fit the GR86? Since I'm a pretty big advocate for Akrapović, but they told me that GR86 exhaust is not...
  7. 2022+ Subaru BRZ General Discussion Forum
    Mods remove if not allowed. Just looking to see if anyone knows if any aftermarket companies have made an axle back exhaust yet for the 2022 BRZ. Been driving my grey sport tech BRZ for the last week or so and I’m finding there is not near enough sound. I’m thinking an axle back will be enough...
1-7 of 7 Results