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  1. 2022+ Toyota GR86 General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, as the title says I jumped a curb going about 25mph and damaged two wheels/tires and a bunch of suspension parts, see full list in the pdf. The car only has 1,061 miles on it so I had just broken the engine in. I had it towed to a Chicagoland Toyota dealership’s collision center who...
  2. Toyota GR86 & Subaru BRZ Parts
    Selling 4 Advan Racing TC4 Umber Bronze 17x9 + 35mm 5x114.3. Two have 235/45/17 Falken RT660 at 6/32”. Two have 225/45/17 Advan A052 at 4/32”. I used this set up on my GR86 with the Project KICS 10mm hub unit system. The thread pitch is 12x1.25. They fit perfectly with no rubbing but needs...
1-2 of 2 Results